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The subconscious mind will accept whatever your conscious mind is giving it. It can’t differ between right or wrong, good or bad, real or imaginary, it simply accepts whatever is placed into it by your thoughts. » Read More

Young african woman in old jeans pant after losing weight

Lose Weight The Healthy Way

The majority of the people living in the western world are overweight. Some more than others. It does not take a rocket scientist to figure out why this is, yet some people that I have come in contact with always find excuses. » Read More


How To Reverse Illness

Energy goes where attention flows, therefore it is essential focus on creating health, rather than focus on “treating symptoms”. In the following video you will get the basics on how to heal yourself. » Read More


How To Overcome Fear Of Opinions

It is suffice to say that you can overcome the fear of what others think about you. Just understand that this fear is part of an old paradigm that comes from within. Paradigms are habits and ways of thinking that dominate us from our subconscious mind. » Read More