How to Get More Energy

There is a difference between pure energy and stimulation. Stimulating the body with coffee, sodas or commercial energy drinks eventually leads to the opposite: enervation. Pure energy is when you invigorate your cells with nutrition so that they can perform at a high functional level. When you use raw food nutrition and juicing for energy, you will experience a robust vitality you have never felt before!10304711_243738012493682_7994694157972397582_nMost People tend to stimulate themselves through the day by consuming coffee, sodas and „energy“ drinks as their source of fuel! This will throw you into a downward spiral mentally and physically! By consuming stimulants you are exhausting your adrenal glands and frying your nervous system. In the long run you are going to be burned out and the only think that can temporarily get your motor running will be stimulants. Many people are waking up to this vicious cycle an wonder how to get more energy! 

First and foremost it would be very important to eliminate the consumption of sodas and „energy drinks“ because they are very acid forming in the body. The ingredients in these pop-sodas bring our brain chemistry out of balance and cause a whole variety of health conditions to come about. Plus, the white refined sugar that is added to these drinks makes them extremely addictive. In a study using rats, cocaine and sugar, the rats could not tell the difference between the cocaine and the white refined sugar. It is proven that white refined sugar lights up the same parts of the brain that cocaine does.  Coffee is also not very beneficial because it stimulates the adrenal glands, but I’m not telling you to give up all your vices! Stoping the consumption of „energy drinks“ and sodas is more important than giving up coffee in my opinion. 

If you want dynamic energy on a cellular level it is essential to start energizing your body with the proper fuel. I recommend starting the day by eating a Fruit meal for breakfast. Watermelon, oranges, bananas, apples, or your whatever your favorite fruit is. You can also make a fruit salad. Fruits contain monosaccharides which are simple sugars that are essential for cell  functions. Fruits offer us the most potent dynamic energy than any other food on the planet, this is why it is vital to start the day with fruits! 

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I also recommend making Smoothies and taking them to work with you. Instead of eating a heavy lunch following a cup of coffee, have yourself a large banana & berry smoothie, you will feel lighter, more energized and focused. 

Last but not least I recommend getting into the regular Juicing habit. Fresh green juices really alkalize, oxygenate, clean and strengthen your body on a cellular level. The amounts of enzymes, minerals, vitamins and nutrition in 1 Liter of freshly made juice, most people don’t consume in a whole month.

If you want to attain high levels of energy without the crash, then I recommend digging into the fruits, smoothies and freshly made juices! You will start feeling more mental clarity, physical energy and overall wellbeing. Try it and find out for yourself! You will be amazed of how good you can feel! 

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