Supplements VS Whole Foods

When you separate the nutrition in food, and only give back certain constituents in the form of a pill, you miss the synergistic properties of the whole. The energy of the individual constituents can never match that of a whole food. 

Calcium, for example needs phosphorus, magnesium, B complex and flavinoids to be properly utilized. Taking supplements won’t give you this synergistic action. If you get calcium from nature, from raw foods and herbs, you get all the other components in the food that the body needs for the calcium to be properly utilized.


Most vitamin supplements on the market today are synthetic, meaning they are made by chemical synthesis to imitate a natural product. Our body does not recognize these artificially made components on a cellular level and therefore rejects them. If one wishes to supplement their diet then I recommend using 100% whole food supplements. These include Dr.Robert Morse’s Cellular Botanicals. They are consciously cultivated wild crafted herbs that are complete in minerals, vitamins, flavonoids and enzymes. Herbs are very nutritious as well as powerful when it comes to their ability to help heal the human body.  

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