8 Year Old Eliminates Cancer

Josie Nunez suffered was experiencing major weaknesses and strong flu like symptoms. Her parents took her to over dozens of doctors, but none could figure out what was wrong with her. Overtime her headaches were getting so intense that the last doctor she visited decided to do a cats scan. They found a tumor in her head and diagnosed her with cancer.

After surgery, radiation therapy and 3 rounds of chemo the allopathic community discovered another tumor in the middle of her brain and sent her home to die. Today she is completely free from illness and the treatment of symptoms. In this video you will see how how she healed herself and brought herself to a state of total health.

These are not isolated cases, tens of thousands of people have healed themselves using natural healing. Unfortunately many of these cases are not presented to us by the mainstream media since it works against the interests of the pharmaceutical industry. I highly encourage people to think outside the boundaries of mainstream media and western medicine and discover the power of natural healing.

Natural Healing is all about addressing and eliminating causative factors of your illness by activating your bodies own ability to heal itself.  Treating and managing symptoms with pharmaceutical “treatments” only inhibits this potential.

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