How To Heal Yourself Using Herbs & Nutrition

When we are sick and suffering it is essential that we feed our body high energy foods that create alkalinity in the body.  When the body is acidic, healing can’t take place. The body can only start healing itself properly when it is  alkaline and oxygen rich.

The foods we eat play a major role in this since it is the primary source of energy we fuel our cells with. Since oxygen and carbon create ATP (Adenosine triphosphate), the energy of a cell, it is vital that we consume fruits (simple carbohydrates) to achieve optimal health. Herbs can be used in addition to accelerate the healing process. There are many different types of herbs that clean, tone and strengthen different parts of the body. You can learn more about herbs by clicking here! 

It is also important to incorporate everyday habits such as juicing, making smoothies and replacing these with meals. When you are sick, your body is aching for proper nutrition. Juicing is very therapeutic since it brings high amounts of concentrated planet based nutrition into your cells, allowing them to revitalize and function at a higher level.

Most modalities including the natural health field are so focused on treating and managing symptoms. This type of thinking will only mask problems, but never truly address causative factors. There is no pill or quick fix that will  reverse what you have unconsciously created over years, it’s going to take more than that.  A change (improvement) in dietary habits and lifestyle choices will need to be committed to in order to experience true health.

Remember that the medical community is a treatment based modality with no curative value. In order to eliminate acute, chronic and life threatening health conditions it is essential to change the approach from “treating symptoms” to eliminating the root cause of the symptom.

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