Heavy Metal Poisoning and Heavy Metal Detox

In todays world there is a vast exposure to carcinogens, heavy metals, and other toxic components that have serious consequences on our long term health. Heavy metals such as aluminum and mercury have a very aggressive and destructive effect upon the autonomic and central nervous system which can lead to a long list of well known ailments and illnesses. In many cases death is the result of heavy metals toxicity, especially in infants after being injected with vaccinations.

The exposure to heavy metals has become an epidemic and therefore serves the UN’s founders who are intentionally aiming to depopulate the planet through a global-international project called “Agenda 21”. Most people are unaware of the depths of this conspiracy and therefore are of greater risk in being negatively effected.  The effects of these toxic metals can range from subtle symptoms such as headaches, migranes and confusion to serious illness such as Cancers, Alzheimer and Autism, just to name a few.

Since heavy metals build up in your body over time, symptoms are often attributed to other causes and people often don’t realize that they have been affected by metals until thy find themselves in the advanced stages. It is important to know that accumulated heavy metals that can be removed from the body through detoxification. If one suffers from a chronic health condition that was induced by heavy metal exposure, it can be healed. 



1) Vaccinations :

Thimerosal, a mercury-containing vaccine preservative, is still widely used in vaccines, including those routinely administered to children. Thimerosal contains close to 50 percent ethyl mercury by weight. Children are particularly sensitive to the mercury as their nervous systems are still rapidly developing.

2) Geo-engeneering :

The microscopic heavy metal particles and fibers that are sprayed into the air through the geo-engeneering agenda are the hardest to avoid since this is taking place on a global scale. I highly encourage everyone to pursue independent research. Learn More : www.geoengeneeringwatch.org

3) Dental Amalgam Fillings :

Mercury makes up about 50 percent of every amalgam dental filling, also known as “silver” fillings. Vapors from amalgams are released continually, and studies have found that those with these fillings can have mercury vapor concentration 10 times higher than people without them. Simple activities such as chewing gum, drinking hot liquids and brushing teeth can increase the release of mercury even more. I highly recommend speaking to your dentist and getting all amalgam fillings removed and replaced with a non toxic fillers.

4) Antiperspirant Deodorants :

Antiperspirant deodorants contain aluminum that is absorbed by your body through the skin. It’s best to avoid it all together and use simple soap and water instead. It is also possible to get antiperspirant deodorants that are produced with less toxic ingredients than aluminum.

5) Environmental Pollutants

  • Pesticides
  • Herbicides
  • Fertilizers
  • Automotive Exhaust

Our environment is being bombarded with heavy metals. Conventional foods are also sprayed with large amounts of pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers in the growing process. These toxins are not just absorbed by the crop, but also by the soil which de-minerilizes the food and infuses it with carcinogens. This is why organic farming should be supported.

6) Fish:

Our oceans are largely contaminated with industrial pollutants like mercury. Ocean and farm-raised fish pick up these toxic chemical residues, which bioconcentrate in their flesh. The larger the fish, the more problematic because big fish eat smaller fish, thereby getting an even greater dose of accumulated toxins. People who regularly eat fish have higher levels of methylmercury than those who don’t. (Learn More Click Here)

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Detox is the short form for Detoxification which means – de : away from, the removal of    tox : poison – therefore it is a healing modality that truly addresses and eliminates the root cause of any given health condition. In advanced cases of illness a more radical detoxification protocol will need to be followed in order to reverse illness, however those that dont wish to change their dietary habits can also use certain tools that help remove heavy metals from their body.

1) Chlorella

Chlorella is a very powerful, single-celled, water-grown algae that consists primarily of a nucleus and a large amount of directly available chlorophyll, a nutrient vital to the health of our bodies. Chlorella is excellent for heavy metal detox because it contains more chlorophyll per gram than any other plant in the world and magnetically attracts and binds heavy metals in the human organism and eliminates them from the body.

Chlorella is a whole food, as it is extremely rich in vitamins, minerals, amino acids, essential fatty acids, polysaccharides, and a host of other beneficials compounds.

Chlorella contains vitamins C and E, an array of B vitamins, amino acids, folic acid, beta-carotene, lysine, and iodine. Chlorella is also extremely rich in iron and calcium. 

2) Cilantro

The plant kingdom offers us the most powerful and effective medicines (Shop Our Botanicals Click Here) Cilantro is an herb with a very unique and potent flavor. It has many health benefits when consumed on a regular basis.

  • Highly effective metal toxin binding agent and mobilizer.
  • Powerful anti-inflammatory.
  • Antibacterial.
  • Increases HDL cholesterol and decreases LDL.
  • Prevents gas and bloating.
  • Wards off urinary tract infections.
  • Eases hormonal swings during menopause and menstruation.
  • Can reduce nausea.
  • Adds fiber to the digestive tract – an effective bulking agent.
  • Fights anemia with high levels of iron, and magnesium.
  • Reduces minor swelling.
  • Promotes liver health.

I recommend juicing cilantro 3-4 times a week along with other fruits and vegetables. (Video on The Benefits of Juicing Click Here) Cilantro can also be chopped up and added into you salads.

3) Zeolite

Zeolite or Zeolit, forms in nature as a result of a chemical reaction between volcanic lava and saline water. Zeolites have large open cage-like structures that form channels. Each tiny cage has a negative charge to attract positively charged heavy metals out of tissues and blood and into those cages. Then the cages are eliminated through normal bodily functions without endangering other tissue.

Liquid and Pulverized Zeolite is well known to be  effective for heavy metal detox. It has the perfect molecular structure for capturing and removing heavy metals from the body, including mercury, cadmium, lead, arsenic, aluminium, tin and excess iron. Zeolites also remove radioactive particles. In fact tons of zeolite was used to clean up cesium and strontium-90 toxicity in the wake of the Ukraine’s Chernobyl disaster.​


All in All, I recommend living a lifestyle that involves detoxification on a daily basis using raw plant based nutrition. Eating a diet consisting of organic whole fruits, vegetables and leafy greens is essential for healing. Drinking fresh made juices and smoothies is extremely therapeutic. Herbal formulas and organic superfood supplements are also great tools that can be used to achieve and maintain good levels of health. True health can only be achieved with a holistic approach, therefore regular mild exercise as well as a positive mental attitude are two important additional factors in living a healthy lifestyle.

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