The Importance of Kidney Filtration

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 Your kidneys play a major role in the body. When we take a look at the human body simplistically it is nothing more than trillions of cells and 2 major fluids. These fluids are blood and lymph. The blood is responsible for delivering the cells with the nutrition (fuel) that we consume. When our cells are finished using this energy they excrete/eliminate their wastes into the lymphatic system. Cellular waste are very acidic and corrosive in their chemistry, thats why the lymphatic system is a series of tubes through out the entire body that contains a thick lipid fluid (lymph fluid) which buffers these acid chemistry that is excreted from the cells. Your lymphatic system is your bodies sewer system. The cellular wastes (acids) are moved through your lymphatic system and to your kidneys for elimination. 

This is why it is so important to keep your kidneys flushed and filtering. When your kidneys are not filtering properly these cellular wastes (acids) get backed up in your lymphatic system. Since the body is an extremely intelligent organism with a very precise self healing mechanism, it will look for another way to eliminate these wastes out of the body. Your skin, also called the third kidney, will be the next doorway of elimination. This can then show up as acne and other types of skin conditions. However, when the sub-layers of your skin are also compromised, these acids will stay in your lymphatic system and start to irritate and damage cells. This is when all health problems known as “dis-eases” are created.


You can test this by peeing into a glass jar. You should see a cloudy, white flaky sediment in your urine. The following picture shows you what this looks looks like. These images were taken by people who started detoxifying their bodies through diet and herbs.



Water rich fruits (watermelon, grapes, citrus etc.) are the highest electrical, energetic and cleansing food on the planet. Fruits will start flushing out your kidneys, neutralize acids, loosen up the lymphatic system, and get everything moving again. This can take some time if you have eaten the “standard world diet”. Juicing fruits in conjunction with parsley, celery, and other healing herbs is also very cleansing and therapeutic for the kidneys, as well as the whole entire human organism. 

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High protein diets (meat, cheese, milks etc.) are very hard on the kidneys as well as the consumption of wheat/gluten and high heated (cooked) oils and fats. These types of  “foods” will clog up the filters in your kidneys. 

Getting your kidneys to filter may take some time, but once these accumulated tocsins and wastes are removed from your body – you will experience a clear, dynamic, and robust vitality that you have never felt before.

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4 Responses to “The Importance of Kidney Filtration”

  1. Cathy Palmer

    What causes kidney stones!!! DOES DRINKIN GINGER ALE CAUSE IT??

  2. Janice Pizzonia

    After beginning a all fruit cleanse and testing my urine daily. I only noticed sediment in my urine 1 day. Should I see sediment each day? Should I test multiple times a day? Are there other factors that cause sediment? As a 48 year old I would expect I have acidosis and lymph stagnation and congestion and looking to confirm if my kidneys are filtering. Any information you could provide would be helpful. Thank you.

  3. Bill

    I have been eating tons of fruit since last April,I have had psoriasis for over 30 years,I have been vegertarian for 10 years.i have had almost no pasta bread,processed food point is my kidneys are now filtering ,my urine is a little cloudy and some days I see specks.what I am not seeing is a big change in my psoriaisi .

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