“Maximum Health Restoration” Detox Program


This program is for you if:

  • You are currently living with the health challenges of a chronic illness
  • You don’t want to spend the rest of your life fearing the unknown and waiting for the other shoe to drop
  • The idea that your body has the innate wisdom and ability to heal and regenerate itself, resonates with you on a deep level

  • You are open to alternative/non-traditional approaches to healing
  • You feel your options for healing lie beyond the realm of surgery, chemotherapy/radiation, and/or a lifetime of pharmaceutical medication
  • The idea of eating as much as you want of fresh, living, colorful foods according to what resonates with you sounds preferable to following a rigid diet plan requiring calorie counting and portion control

  • You are ready to really commit to creating the vision of health that you want and know you can have
  • You are seeking holistic support from someone that sees the WHOLE you and not just a physical body

To learn more about my “Maximum Health Restoration” Detox Programs, apply for a complimentary “Take Back Your Health” Session.


“Move That Lymph” Diet
80-100% raw food diet high in fruit rich in electromagnetic energy, antioxidants, Vitamin C, fiber, and natural astringent cleansing properties — provides cells with the raw materials they need to release wastes, repair, and regenerate.

Whole-Food Supplements
Readily bio-available whole-food nutrients to support the detoxification and healing properties.

Herbal Botanicals
Potent, targeted, quality, organic, tissue-specific herbal formulas focused on repairing damaged cells and tissues and recharging your body with the healing power of Nature.  Up to 7 herbal formulas (caps and tinctures) are used simultaneously during the detox and are generally taken 3x per day.

Bi-weekly Check Ins/Coaching Sessions & Unlimited Email Support
One of the biggest mistakes people make is trying to tackle this journey alone.  Having professional advice from someone who specializes in deep tissue detoxification and having access to regular support and someone to talk to about your experiences will help you stick with these life-transforming changes you’re making to your diet and lifestyle, as well as raise your consciousness and awareness so you can avoid falling into the same negative habits/patterns in the future.