Medicinal and Therapeutic Herbal Formulas

The only true path to healing and tissue regeneration depends upon proper diet and the use of herbal formulas. When this realization occurs for more people, you will begin to see an explosion of interest in herbal products. Single herbs are strong and work well in helping your body detoxify and rebuild itself. However, herbal formulas, with the combined synergistic action of several herbs, are many times stronger in their effect.
When detoxifying your body with herbal formulas it is prudent to work on your kidneys, GI tract, liver/pancreas, lymphatic system and endocrine glands all at the same time. In my opinion you can safely take 6 or 7 herbal formulas at one time. You will get far better results if you get a little aggressive with yourself. When you realize that most herbs simply enhance your bodies organs and glandular functions, build your immune system, and increase detoxification, you will lose your fear of consuming them.

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To increase filtration and elimination through your kidneys, as well as through your intestines and skin, use kidney and intestinal restorative formulas. To improve elimination through your skin use a lymphatic and thyroid (endocrine) formula. Use a liver formula on top of this to detoxify and increase digestion and improve metabolism.

Your lymphatic system is your sewer system, of which your immune system is a part. This area of your body becomes the most congested and obstructed. This is where most of our problems and conditions begin. Masses, boils, tumors, and the like are all side effects of a congested lymph system. A parasite formula is also advisable in the beginning of your detoxification. (Dr. Robert Morse N.D. / The Detox Miracle Sourcebook)

The herbal formulas presented in the video above are created by Dr. Robert Morse N.D and have aided tens of thousands of people world wide in attaining higher levels of health and vitality. Visit the herbal online shop to see the wide variety of formulas that are available for you!  If you have any questions, need Health Consulting or E-mail Support please contact me personally and I will be glad to help you in any way that I can.

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