The Pink Ribbon Deception

In the following video you will be presented with thought provoking content that some may not want to accept into their reality. The reality is that pharmaceutical based charity work and foundations deceive people into a position where they see themselves as powerless over their health conditions. This also gives people the perception that the allopathic community is the only true reliable medium when it comes to dealing with health conditions. Nothing could be further from the truth.

These institutions are based on power, control and greed. Seeing their patients (customers) achieve high levels of health is not in their interest. That’s why they created the illusionary concept of diseases which they say are incurable. In return they offer pharmaceutical treatments that keep us mediocre, sick and dependent. The side effects of these pharmaceuticals cause a ‘domino effect’ of other symptoms which are also labeled as “diseases” resulting in the continues use of more prescription medication. If BIG PHARMA was to release information into the mainstream media about how to truly heal acute, chronic and life threatening health conditions they would be bankrupt in less than a decade, unless people are not ready to change their dietary habits and lifestyle choices because thats what it takes to get well.

Remember that sickness and illness is far more expensive than the costs involved in living a healthy lifestyle. When you are ill, you don’t just have medical costs for pharmaceuticals that further destroy your health, but you lose happiness and joy as the quality of your life decreases. Invest in your health. Your health is your wealth.

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6 Responses to “The Pink Ribbon Deception”

  1. Dawn

    omg who are you??
    I love this video -even the swearing lol because I get it.
    Thank you for posting this.

  2. Cindy warren

    My husband was asked to do a 24 hr piss collection. Turned it in this morning. As soon as he gets off work has to go in and give more blood. Some called microalbuminuria is high. I know what this is leading up to. Past history is 3 heart attacks and quad bi pass. Also diabetic. He says he is not doing dialysis. I dont want to lose my husband. He is 60. What can we do.

  3. Carolyn Watt

    How wonderful to hear this being talked about thank you

  4. Gail Zilinski

    This is a great “let’s get real” type video/discussion. This is the TRUTH and I wish others could see that but some need to see more in order to wake up. Just like smoking or coca-cola was pushed as safe and healthy till peoples health came into question. Times change and we need to adapt. We need to always question everything cause no one cares more about your health then YOU. Stop being a guinie pig, a lab experiment , an investment by the pharmaceutical company. WAKE UP or your health is going to cost you big bucks while you line the pockets of the pharmaceutical company and more. I can’t say enough about how greatly my life has improved after getting off all my meds( I have fibromyalgia) and eating clean( no meat, lots of fresh veggies and fruits, smoothies, seeds, nuts, beans and lentils). Go back to the basics people and your health will flourish. 28 days to see a positive change! YOUR LIFE, YOUR CHOICE!

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