Psychedelics Can Save Humanity

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Psychedelic plants and healing modalities have been used for thousands of years for holistically healing the root causes of mental, emotional and physical ailments. This holistic approach allows the person to truly heal rather than just mask and “treat” symptoms as done with pharmaceutical drugs. The use of artificial and chemical medications may alleviate symptoms temporarily, but in the long run will only perpetuate that what they claim to eradicate. This is why western medicine should only be used in emergency situations. To experience true healing we must focus our attention on detoxification which involves nutrition, plant medicines and fasting.

One of the profound aspects of a psychedelic experience is that it allows the person to enter the “spirit worlds” and observe other realms of reality. This is often ridiculed by the western world which mostly bases its reality solely on the 5 senses and scientific proof. We shall not forget that the human brain can only see an extremely limited spectrum of energy, as we know there are a plethora of different forms of energy in our universe and thousands of different frequencies around us at any given moment that we cannot see. This narrow parameter of what we can decode suggests that there is absolutely much more to life than we can see, hear, touch, smell and taste.

When we undergo a psychedelic experience we find ourselves in an expanded state of awareness. The components contained in psychedelic plants and mushrooms activate the pineal gland which is located deep in the center of the brain, the pineal gland was once referred to as the “third eye” by ancient and advanced civilizations.

The human race currently finds itself at war with the powers that be. This is a “war on consciousness” that has been taking place for a very long time. Its aim is to deceive and manipulate our perception of reality which will keep us from reaching our true potential and allow the elite to maintain power over us. Although the agenda is starting to become very transparent, many people are still too blinded to see it while others refuse to face this fact due to a lack of courage. If we want to see true change we must take complete responsibility and be the change that we wish to see in this world. Most people give their power and responsibilities away by participating in government elections, hoping for the next political figure to make things right again. Nothing could be further from the truth.

True change starts from within.

Due to the evolutionary, mind opening, and healing effects that psychedelics have on us – I believe they carry the potential to save the human race by shifting us into a direction that may promise an evolutionary and revolutionary outcome for humanity.

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